Jacques Steyn  


Louis Burke and Joan Brickhill are famous South African stage producers. They produced the musical Mame in the early 1980s at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. At that stage it was the most expensive South African production to date and with the largest cast.

At that stage I have never danced before except at parties. I took a friend to the auditions and saw the bodies cavorting on stage I thought: "I can do that" and joined the auditions. I got in as part of the chorus. Of course Louis told me that I had to brush up on my dancing and took some Jazz classes, which I loved. The show ran for about six months.

Here is a snap with me on the far right - bryl-creamed hair and all.

Here is part of the garden scene. Again I am on the far right (no, not politically speaking!).

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And here is another scene with us representing stars of the zodiac. I am the ram in the g-string on the far left (at last not right again; no, the g-string was not on the far left; it was dead centre). This photo is probably too small for you to see anything, so follow the link on the photo to have a closer look.
Mame zodiac
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