Mobile phones and the Kerala fishing industry

A research project was conducted 2013-2014 among the stakeholders and roleplayers of the Kerala (India) fisheries industry. The purpose of this research was to investigate claims that, while at ocean, mobile phones were being used by fishermen to determine best market prices and then take their catch there.

These two papers report on the results of this research:

The reference details of the papers will be given once the papers have been published, and this research website will then move to the website of the primary researcher. The present website will thus only be active for the purpose of the double-blind peer review process.

This website presents background information, information too bulky to include in the papers, as well as photo evidence of our research project.

Photos visually illustrate the context of fishing in Kerala, India. They serve as visual evidence for the context of fishing practices in general, and the landing centres we visited. Photos are grouped by boat landing centres, as well as by themes.


Background information
India, Kerala

The states of India

This map shows the states of India. Kerala is on the far southwest coast. "Kerala" is spelled "Kelala" on this map.

Source: unknown.

Kerala State, India

This map shows the districts of the state of Kerala.

Source: unknown

All photos were taken by either Mohan Das, Jacques Steyn, or Charlotta Snyman.

Most maps are from Google, and acknowledged. Some maps were sourced from the internet, but no copyright statements could be found. Search engine return lists of maps also often do not indicate the source of the image, only the source of the URL. In many such cases, the source "borrowed" the image from another unacknowledged source.

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