Kerala Fishing: Kochi (Ernakulam District)

The Marine Fisheries Census of Kerala (2010) lists Kochi as landing centre, not as fishing village.

Kochi is the main city in Ernakulam. It serves as the boundary of the south and north coasts. Its fisheries industry is more similar to that of the north coast.

Many Chinese nets are found along the seashores of Vypin and Fort Kochi.

The Thopumpady landinc centre is in Kochi, and so are the sites on Vypin (the ones we visited: Nayarambalam, Munambam, Kalamukku and Sri Gosreepuram).

Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute

The main office building of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Kochi.

Fort Kochi


Some traditional fishing craft on the beach at Fort Kochi.

Chinese fishing nets

Chinese fishing nets at the entrance from the ocean with Vipin Island visible on the horizon.