Kerala Fishing: Beypore (Kozhikode District)

The Marine Fisheries Census of Kerala (2010) lists Beypore as both fishing village and landing centre.

Beypore (or Beypur) is the main harbour of Kozhikode. It is 13Km north of the Kozhikode city centre. Mainly large fishing trawlers are operated from here. Beypore has another port for goods transported by ship or large boats.

This photo is of the entrance to the commerical port, not the fish landing centre.

Ice from a truck loaded onto a trawler. This operation is much larger and mechanized than in the south - compare with the ice services at Vizhinjam.

An example of mechanized trawlers. They are obviously much more technologically advanced than the majority of fishing craft in Kerala (see the data on fishing craft in the papers). Also compare with the much smaller motorized boats (such as at Valiathura), which are the majority of craft used in Kerala.

A fisherman on his mobile phone on the pier at Beypore.

Comunications on trawlers

Here are examples of communication technology used on trawlers: high frequency radio, satnav, GPS, sonar.