The usability of a technological system concerns how easy it is to use. Systems range from motor cars, toasters, lift interfaces, and of course, the front-end that allows a user to interface with the functions of a computer.

The Web is a particular and peculiar medium with a unique set of constraints which places more demands on usability issues. Unfortunately the state of the Web, particularly in this country, is poor in terms of usability.

We include examples from very well-known and popular local web sites which fail even the basic requirements of usability. Screenshots are included to show what we mean. As web sites continuously evolve some might have changed by the time you visit them, so we indicate the dates when screenshots were taken.

There are a number of articles that contain background information about usability, or arguments and counter-arguments about its use.

An important aspect of web usability is the requirement that it needs to be accessible. We provide a checklist for accessibility that can be used to determine whether a web site meets the absolute minimum requirements of usability.

The usability of some Remote Control Devices (RCDs) was done for a conference. Photos of the RCDs can be seen.