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Jacques Steyn

Family and personal


I have many other interests ranging from photography and architecture, to music and genealogy.

I have performed in many different music styles - from the blues, musicals, and cabaret to rock and classical opera, and play several instruments, including keyboards and guitar. I was singer/dancer in the musical production of Mame, performed at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, and member of PACT's performance of Wagner's Flying Dutchman. I have done several European style cabaret with Marieta Esterhuyse at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. My rock band, 2B2 performed at the original Houtstok Rock Festival on the outskirts of Pretoria.

I love dancing, particularly Latin American, such as the salsa, bachita, and the Cuban cha-cha.

My interest in genealogical research was to trace the origin of the Steyn family in South Africa. Five Steyns emigrated from Europe to South Africa. I am descendant from two Steyn families: through my father from Johannes Steyn (arriving at the Cape of Good Hope in 1748, probably from Darmstad, Germany), and through my mother from Douwe Gerbens Steyn, who arrived from Leeuwarden (Netherlands) around 1688, and who was the construction manager ('baasmetselaar') of the fort built by the Dutch in what is today Cape Town. Douwe married Maria Lozee, whose surname indicates that at the time she lived in the slave quarters.


I love the finer things of life: beauty of sound, of touch, of smell, of vision....