MML: Modules

MML should be able to mark various aspects of music. Presently the following modules are distinguished. It is envisaged that a user agent will use only the modules of interest. For example, a Home Management system would perhaps not be interested in the notation module.

Although a piece of music does not need to be marked with all the modules, the time and frequency elements are essential to mark the basic structure of music. It would be impossible to mark music without these two modules.

Here is an illustration of modules presently distinguished:

MML Modules

Not all possible modules are illustrated here. You may follow links to the details of modules illustrated.

Home entertainment

The convergence of traditional media makes possible for home entertainment systems to become true multimedia devices. Built-in features also now allow users to manipulate sound by processing it with resulting reverberation or echo and the like. MML should allow the hobbyist who produces his or her own music-related products (such as home movies) to specify sound processes that can be rendered by home entertainment systems.

Home management

Computerized home management becomes a reality with the convergence of networked devices. Products such as web-enabled fridges and microwaves ovens have hit the market. IP6 makes it possible to web-enable any electrical home device such as doorbells and radio clocks.

Here are some possible applications: MML should allow visitors to trigger the host's doorbell with a unique tune, informing the host who is "knocking" at the door. Unique personalized phone ringing tones can also be created and exchanged on the Web by means of MML. And the caller's unique signal can ring on the receiving phone device.

Home devices could play different personally composed or personalized songs. For example, a radio clock could play one song at a specific time, and another at another time to provide different audio cues. One partner may wake up to a personalized bird-like song, while the other party can be woken an hour later with the sound of crashing cymbals, all programmed using MML and put on the home web site.


1999, 2000 Author: Jacques Steyn

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