Jacques Steyn  

where's the how?


i've been around
i've seen life's other side
i've heard its sounds
i've touched but was denied
i've found the fire
burning my faith and fear
now my desire's locked away for years

its not the time
its not the clock that turns
its not its chime
its not the hour that burns
its not your smile
its not your laugh
its not your touch
or your gaze that i fear

so many years
ages and days around
you were my fears
the prison chains i found
so many nights
you have haunted me
so many frights
that have daunted me

you say you go
to a place i don't know
you say you fly
to a place in the sky

where did you go?
how do i know?
where is the light
and your touch that i know?
when does the clock
turn its arm through your space?
where is the image
of your love and your love

why does the time
keep on grinding through the gears of space
why does the chime
keep on clanging out your eyes and face?

when will the patterns
and the pictures of my breath appear?
when will the lanterns
and the fictures of my path be clear?

tell me know
let me know
what's the how
where do i go?
isn't it now
you should know
where's the how
i don't know

© Jacques Steyn