Jacques Steyn  

we love the night


today in your eyes
who's night's in disguise?
the sun wants to shine
bring the bright for a while

but then the dawn of rays
show us different ways
and the heat of day
turns another way

we love the night

as long as time wants to be
the clock turns eternity
as long as waves need the sea
your sands wash the waves and me

and you wait for me
then you sail with me
turn reality
into phantasy

we love the night

  seems like moon lost her path in the dark
  she is desparately calling in pain

  horses of space lost their reigns
  and their way in their search
  and they're calling in vain

  galopping nights
  reign the sky in their might
  and they storm through the gates of your sight

  and then they realize
  we love the night

tonight is your smile
borrowed sun for a while
the rays are our slaves
our sands wash in waves

there you wait for me
beside eternity
when you sail with me
into phantasy

we love the night

© Jacques Steyn