Jacques Steyn  

look up my name


when you go to your room
and slip off the clothes of your mind
its like daring the moon
to shine its rays almost unkind

like undressing your pride
as some clockworks forever unwind
and the moment's so wild
caught in the hallway of your mind

when you go to your room
do you find that you are alone
with all the broken reflections
of the buried connections
lost in the fading pages of your mind

  just call out my name
  when you find you are lost
  i'm always the same
  no matter what the cost
  just look up my name

when you go to your room
changing the robes of your eyes
and you're feeling the bloom
where the eyes of your mind rise

you just ride on the breeze
when your blinds are all closed
may your thoughts never freeze
the odors reaching your nose

© Jacques Steyn