Jacques Steyn  

friend you need


you feel the wind gently blowing
when i dance on the chords of your mind
the touch of the breeze is growing
another world
another kind

i see you mind ablaze
through the chambers of your soul in maze
what's the use of counting
the astounding rounding words of the phrase

since you got
you say you got, you got a friend in me
who do you need?
you say you got a friend in me
i'm the one you need
you got me the friend in need
the friend indeed

words and phrases
in the mazes of your mind
and at times you may think that i'm unkind
the trust of my touching hand
yet your hesitation i understnad
but here i am

in all the time you've known
all the time you've grown with me
and in me
you should have realized that i am caring
daring to be with you
while i'm sharing your life with you
waering your life with you
bearing all the strife with you

and should i end all your dreams
and all the schemes that you have planned
please understand
i am the one you need
i am the one in need
i am your friend indeed

© Jacques Steyn