the nature of knowledge

We know more than we can say.
Michael Polanyi

As knowledge is a property of the human mind, it suffers from the things we have in our minds. Some things we can express in various ways (such as words, plays, music, art, and so on), other things we find difficult to convey. It is not only emotional things that are difficult to convey.

Imagine describing the art of riding a bicycle. I do not mean simply, but in technical detail. For example, how exactly do you keep your balance on a bike? There is a very complex hidden system involved (senso-motoric) that we know how to do, but cannot express in words.

Similarly, there may be many aspects at work that we know how to do, and have learnt so by experience, but which we cannot express as mentors.

Knowledge is thus spread out on a continuum that ranges from the totally inexpressable, to the possibility of extreme expression. Technicaly this is known as ranging from tacit to explicit knowledge.