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2B2 was formed in 1990 to perform my songs at the Houtstok Rockfees. Two of our songs were included in the festival vinyl, and then later the CD.

The original band consisted of Kay Brugge (guitar), Brian Schwarz (drums), Deon Karstel (bass), Jacques Steyn (vocals, keys).

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In 2004 2B2 got together for a reunion. Etienne Celliers was now on bass, and Dylan Schwarz on drums. Kay was still on guitar, and Jacques on keys and vocals.

On Saturday 15 May 2004 we booked a studio and sound engineer for 3 hours in which we did set-up, sound check, recording, tentative mixing and mastering of all the songs below. The plan was to get down virgin tracks, a rough mix, and then listen to the tracks at the home studio and do a proper mix later.

But... perhaps due to a misunderstanding the sound engineer did not give us copies of all the tracks - only a final down mix. The bass is muffled, the grand piano floats all over, and the vocals are poorly EQ-ed. Only the drums and lead guitar sound okay.

The result isn't too bad for only 3 hours in the studio. Nice and tight. But too bad for distribution. This was really rough and raw, so we called this demo Rough, raw, and ready.

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