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Idols of the ICT4D theatre

The results below reflect searches done in August 2014, and URLs were correct at the time of the searches. A quantitative bibliometric method was used, which has many disadvantages.

The term "capabilities" is often used not in the sense of Amartya Sen's technical term, but as a generic term. For example, on the publisher (Inderscience) website of the International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, the word "capability" was returned 1386 times, yet "capability and Sen" returned zero results. A quick scan through these results show that capabilities is used in the contexts of a firm's performance and market performance. For this reason the qualifier "Sen" was used. Some internal search engines return partial words too. So "Sen" does not necessarily return Amartya Sen, but also words such as "sensible", which is not very sensible.

Different journals focus on different themes, and different theoreticians receive prominent attention in different journals. From the data below, several correlated conclusions may be drawn, in general terms, and then also for specific journals.

For example, although Gender & Development might be concerned with development, apart from Sen and Escobar, the total absence of any of the more technologically minded authors, suggests that technology is not much considered. Compare this with Gender, Technology and Development, where all the theoreticians typically cited in development journals feature - except, strangely Amartya Sen (but that might be due to poor search results). Although the main focus of both these two journals seems to be gender and development issues one ignores the role of technology.

Summary of Development Journals

Summary of Development Informatics (ICT4D) Journals

Africa Development/Afrique et Development


Superclass: economics.

African Development Review


Superclass: economics.
Themes: with themes that include trade, markets, and poverty.

African Journal of Information Systems


Superclass: various
Themes: topics range from traditional leadership and electricity billing systems to rural ICT and educational technology.

Bangladesh Development Studies


Superclass: economics
Themes such as planning, markets and trade.

Canadian Journal of Development Studies


Superclass: economics
Themes predominantly about economics, but also including topics such as social entrepreneurship, industry, and technology transfer.

Community Development Journal


Superclass: economics.
Themes: policy, planning and action.

Developing Economies


Superclass: economics.
Themes: workplace, training, skills, productivity, employment, etc.



Superclass: economics.
Themes: Various themes, ranging from social, sustainability (34), economics (36), politics. Articles that included discussion of technology cover themes such as gender, sustainability, agriculture, etc.

Development and Change


Superclass: various
Themes: economics, labour, knowledge, capabilities, rights, environment, etc.

Development and Society


Superclass: Social
Themes: social science, sociology

Development Bulletin


Superclass: various
Themes: participatory development, gender, disability, economics, drugs, soci-economics, politics, etc.

This journals has no internal search function, so author searches could not be done. Themes were determined by consulting Abstracts.

Development in Practice


Superclass: socio-economic
Themes: economic and social change, poverty, gender, empowerment, social aspects, etc.

Development Policy Review


Superclass: various
Themes: industry, economics, trade, policy, indigenous knowledge, agriculture, etc.




Development Southern Africa


Superclass: various
Themes: wide range of themes.

Economic Development and Cultural Change


Superclass: socio-economics
Themes: social aspects

Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries


Superclass: various
Themes: various, including project development, trade, Economics , governance, regulations, education, e-commerce, health, gender, SME's, agriculture, etc.

Entrepreneurship and Regional Development


Superclass: economics
Themes: Economics, socio-economics, policies, governance, divide, enterprise, skills, entrepreneurship, etc.

European Journal of Development Research


Superclass: various
Themes: well-being, gender, politics, governance, employment, economics, social and anthropological perspectives.

Forum for Development Studies


Superclass: various
Themes: economics, politics, trade, industry, sustainability, environment, etc.

Gender & Development


Superclass: socio-political
Themes: gender, empowerment, power, conflict and violence, etc.

Gender, Technology and Development


Superclass: socio-political
Themes: gender policies, livelihoods, politics, social issues, etc.

IDS Bulletin: Institute of Development Studies Information, Communication & Society


Superclass: economics
Themes: classic development studies themes

Information, Communication & Society


Superclass: socio-economics
Themes: inclusion, social media, social issues, e-governance, politics, various

Information Development


Superclass: various
Themes: library, activism, organizations management, infrastructure, outsourcing, social networks, health, etc.

Information Technologies and International Development


Superclass: various
Themes: education, sociology, politics, ethics, anthropology, applications, agriculture, etc.

Information Technologies in Developing Countries


No internal search function.

Themes: Socio-economics, e-governance, finances, education, etc.


International Development Planning Review


Superclass: various
Themes: activism, economics, general development, agriculture, governance, housing, etc.

International Journal of Development Issues


Superclass: various
Themes: general development, human development, economics, sociology, computer literacy, tourist development

International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology


Superclass: social (education)
Themes: education and development

International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development


The return pages do not indicate how many results are returned.

Themes: Socio-politicial issues, culture, politics, divides, rights, modernization theory, many more.

International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development


No internal search engine. Themes: economics, SME's, business intelligence, innovation, living labs, tec.

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development
International Journal of Sustainable Development
International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development


The journals of this publisher do not have separate search functions, and give combined results.

Superclass: economics
Themes: economics, sustainable management, trade, environment, SME's, manufacturing, etc.

International Journal on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions


Superclass: various
Themes: education, diffusion, cloud computing, neural networks, e-comerce, wireless, Asian languages, and many more.

International Journal of Technology Management


No internal search engine.


Superclass: economics
Themes: Management, firms, institutions, R&D, SME's, etc.

Journal of African Development


This journal has no internal search engine.

Superclass: economics
Themes: financial and economic development, international business in Africa, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, real estate, social, political, and technological problems related to African finance and development.

Journal of Community Informatics


Superclass: social
Themes: wide variety of themes, often from sociological perspective.

Journal of Developing Areas


Superclass: politico-economics
Themes: economics, politics, urban issues.

Journal of Development Economies


Superclass: economics
Themes: economics, policy, infrastructure, etc.

Journal of Development Studies


Superclass: economics
Themes: economics, infrastructure, politics, labour, trade, etc.

Journal of Information Technology for Development


Superclass: various
Themes: sociology, e-commerce, politics, policy

Journal of International Development


Superclass: economics
Themes: economics, agriculture, skills, poverty, education, etc.

Journal of South Asian Development


Superclass: various
Themes: politics, international relations, sociology, anthropology, economics, environment, geography, history, etc.

Oxford Development Studies


Superclass: various
Themes: policy, economics, history, politics, anthropology, sociology, etc.

Progress in Development Studies


Superclass: socio-economics; political
Themes: economics, environment, politics, gender, etc.

Public Administration and Development


Superclass: politics
Themes: politics, administration, planning, etc.

Review of Development Economics


Superclass: economics

Studies in Comparative International Development


Superclass: economics
Themes: economy, politics, infrastructure, rights, industrialization, etc.

Sustainable Development


Superclass: various
Themes: economics, sociology, environment, sustainable development.

Telematics and Informatics


Superclass: various
Themes: social, economic, political and cultural impacts

Third World Quarterly


Superclass: socio-political
Themes: politics, corruption, sociology, governance, etc.

World Development


Superclass: various
Themes: human condition, poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, disease, lack of shelter, environmental degradation, inadequate scientific and technological resources, trade and payments imbalances, international debt, gender and ethnic discrimination, militarism and civil conflict, and lack of popular participation in economic and political life.

World Review of Entrepreneurship Management and Sustainable Development


No internal search engine.

Superclass: economics
Themes: business and entrepreneurship management, economics, global competitiveness, sustainable development.

World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development


Superclass: technology
Themes: science, technology, technology transfer