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House of the rising sun

Jazz single

House of the rising sun

House of the rising sun, also known as Rising Sun Blues, is an old folk song known before 1905. It was sung by miners

The oldest published version of the lyrics was printed by Robert Winslow Gordon in 1925, in a column "Old Songs That Men Have Sung" in Adventure Magazine. The oldest known recording of the song, under the title "Rising Sun Blues", is by Appalachian artists Clarence "Tom" Ashley and Gwen Foster - 1933. Ashley said he had learned it from his grandfather, Enoch Ashley.

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Passport to France

Laid-back big band instrumental album of famous French songs - some which you likely did not know is French

Passport to France front cover Passport to France back cover

FrenchVersion française

Sluit dit oop

Neo-Afrikaanse album

Luister of download by enige van die online dienste heel bo gelys.

rof, rou en gereed

rough, raw and ready


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rrr front cover rrr back cover

Mother Africa


Short sample: MP3 1'20" 3.3mB; See the lyrics

Africa is the birthplace of homo sapiens sapiens. In South Africa there is abundant evidence for this. At the Blombos Cave near Jongensfontein in the western Cape some evidence is dated to between 70'000 and 100'000 years ago. Our distant ancestors who lived there were cognitively well developed. There are abstract geometric patterns on a piece of ochre - something animals such as our distant cousins, the primates, do not do.

Africa is our mother. But generally speaking things are desperate on our birth continent.