1990 | 2004
  Origin and history of 2B2


In 1990 Jacques Steyn put together a band to perform at the first Afrikaans rock festival, Houtstok and called it 2B2. That was in the days of apartheid and in Afrikaans circles any music not middle of the road was regarded as evil, or at least a communist plot. Today this may sound funny, but that was very real. Some platforms were taboo to rock music. So some of us took other careers.

Here is a pre-show publicity photo from Beeld with some of the Houtstok performers -- at that stage 2B2 had not been formed yet.

Pre-show foto van sommige Houtstok performers
Jacques Steyn, Richard van der Westhuizen, Lochner de Kock, Joost Tonteldoos, Piet Botha, Someone, Anton Goosen (on the sofa ;)

Jacques quickly put together a band of talented musicians for a 30 minute gig after only 4 evenings of rehearsals, and we were quite tight tight (hear for yourself on the CD) even though we only did original numbers which the other band members had not heard before.

The band was:

  • Brian Schwarz: drums
  • Jacques Steyn: vocals, keyboards
  • Deon Karstel: Bass
  • Kay Brugge: Guitar


Brian, Jacques, Deon, Kay

A Houtstok vinyl album was released and later a CD. Two of 2B2's numbers were included on the CD:

  • In die middle van die nag
  • Die dood se snaar

Here are the front and back of the CD cover:

CD front cover CD back cover


  After the festival there was a Houtstok tour consisting of Anton Goosen se Kommisie van Ondersoek, Piet Botha with Jackhammer, and 2B2. There was even a jol in Clarens in the Maluti mountains (Free State) with a stunning audience
  2B2 club scene
  2B2 also did the club scene. Among others we shared a gig with the reggae outfit of Carlos Djedje:
  Carlos Djedje, Moses Baloyi (Carlos' manager), Jacques Steyn, Sello Motshekga (of Malidadi)
-- the other 2B2 members were not available for the photo shoot


  In 2004 Kay Brugge and Jacques Steyn decided to have a 2B2 reunion. Brian Schwarz en Deon Karstel could not make it, and Brian's son Dylan joined in. After looking for a bassist for a while, Ettienne Celliers joined.