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Dê! Multimedia production

Dê span

The multimedia production, Dê!, was conceptualized by Jacques Steyn and realized by the musicians of 2B2 and the visual work of Coert Wiechers. The program of Dê! consists of music composed by Jacques in various genres from rock and blues to reggae. Digital visual material, created by Coert, is projected during the music performance. The production is thus like a visual art exhibition accompanied by music. For this production, the visual images complement the music.

What is a multimedia production

The term "Multimedia" is used for the communication channels used by a computer to address the human senses. Ideally all the senses could be addresses: from sound and sight, to smell and taste.

From the point of view of the audience, as many as possible different senses are addressed, and the term "synaesthesia" is used - this roughly means multiple sensations.

The term Multimedia focuses on the channels of the process, while Synaesthesia focuses on the senses receiving the info.

What is digital theatre

Digital theatre is theatre in which computer technology is used not only to replace some of the traditional aspects of theatre, such as set and props, but also to enhance them, and also to introduce new channels of expression into the show. In this sense digital theatre relates to performance art, but on the other hand it also links to broadcasting and other digital media.


The themes of Dê! relate to derivations of the name, such as: dek, deka, dekadent, dekaloog (an English speaker should recognize these words as the common ancestor is Latin). The focus of Dê! is on the music with supplementing images.

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